Wednesday, March 01, 2006

TASK3 Touchable Services

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Using RFID tags in an urban envirement for retrieving url-links via a RFID-reader attached to a standard Mobile phone.
The RFID is a small/cheap tag that may contain a small amount of information, not requireing any power supply. They might contain an id-number, refering to a databasis, or an URL physical weblinks.

The information/webpages can eather be downloaded directly to the phone, or bookmarked to your mail, phone, or a friend.
We have examplified this service for community based underground shops(music, art) We imagine that the service may include scanning flyers, listening, or downloadiing recommendations, signing up for mailinglists etc.

Here are some comments to the qt-chapters popupmeny
#2 is an example from a RFID system already implemented in Japan. This is the identification maascot
#3-7 is suggesting a navigation-map in tram stations. By holding your phone over highlighted sectors of the city, the display will show info for venues included in the service, or download info
#8-13 Introducing "window-shopping possibilities. Listening to recomandations, or checking opening hours, signing up for email-services.
#14-16 Technical spesifications. When making contact between tag and phone you will have to make choices between download, mail-bookmark etc. At the same time you may watch basic info on coverart, and track/album-info


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