Thursday, March 02, 2006

WORKSHOP Prosessing Atelier Nord

View this clip on Vimeo
Prosessing is a graphical tool in some javarelated language
I attended the prosessing workshop to be able to build a physical music-editor with extended soundfile representation.

Here are some comments to the qt-popup-meny chapters
(down right corner)
#1-#5 Basic shapes and drawing
#6 Calculating objects on another circle using cos and sin
#7-8 Controlling objects position, size, and movement with osc-communication from max/msp (in real-time))
#9-10 Experimenting with multiple shapes for soundfile representation, containing info about different prosessing paramenters(tentancles), voulme(size), sterio-panning(rotation)
#11-15 Creating multiple dots with arrays. Senario for soundfiles in time/amplitude-domain. By interaction of physical objects certain soundfiles will be highlighted for playback or edit
#16-17 Soundfile with an indicated length(line)
#18 Cursor experiments


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