Monday, June 19, 2006

Technical developement of tracking and modal shifting.

I planned to do the tracking with jitter/cv-jit
I was going to send out infra-red light from the physical objects to seperate the graphics of the screen from the information from the physucal object.
I did some experiments with removing the IR filter from ordinary web-cams.
I wanted to have all functions could being handled by one central physical object
I imagined a geometrical object which could be tipped from side to side, triggering the 3 modes and handeling both position and rotation.
By combining triangular shapes and various nr of light diodes I would both take care of rotation, position and modal issues.
Example of drilling triangular shapes into accrylic surfaces. By sending horisontal light through the plate thedrilled triangle is illuminated. (lightning sollution Stig Skjellvik)


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